Finding your way in the world wide web is not always easy. As a hard-working entrepreneur, you want to be able to focus on your daily business, your passion and your dream. What if someone could guide and support you through your online strategy and approach? Or even develop the perfect ecommerce platform for you?

Well, here I am :)

Karen Nies


A little more about myself.... I have been in the business for more than 20 years and I am very passionate about design, marketing and internet technology. With these skills I can take care of the complete offline and online communication, branding and commercialization of your company and products. This can for example consist of making a communication plan, developing a 'custom' Shopify webshop, managing your social media, logo and print design, setting up Google campaigns, Facebook shopping, Google shopping..... in short, taking care of your business from A to Z.

With my experience I can quickly assess which tools and approach will pay off for your company.
My clients are dear to me and I only look for solutions that work.

My motto is therefore my company name KISS. - Keep It Simple, Stupid.

There are so many possibilities nowadays but is the best way to go?

 I will guide you all the way through this process, whether you want to leave everything to me or learn the tricks of the trade yourself.

 Together we make it work!

My Services