Finding your way in the whole online experience is not always obvious ... as a hardworking entrepreneur you like to be busy with your core business, your passion, your dream! What if someone can now guide you in your online & offline approach/strategy? Or even fully elaborate your communication plan?

Well, here I am :)

A little more about myself… I have been active in the sector for over 16 years & I am very passionate about everything related to online & communication. This way I can take care of the entire online & offline happening of your company. This can be, for example, about drawing up a communication plan (off- & online), set-up direct mailings, communication social media, logo design, website/webshop design, webshop management, integration of payment providers in the webshop, integration of booking systems, SEO optimization, activation & management Google analytics, online & offline advertising, Google Business, printing services ...

I also carefully check in every area which (technical) tools are most optimal for the ease of use of your customers.

I love a hands-on approach & no bullshit :) Customers are very dear to me & it is important for me to be close to you to really feel where you want to go! This is to better service current customers and attract new customers.

Nowadays you can do so much online, but what is best for your company & your customers? And how can this best be tackled? In this process I fully support you, whether you just want to learn the tricks of the trade yourself, or if you would like me to take care of the complete elaboration.

So if you think it is time to move forward, don`t hesitate to contact me :)